Five Vancouver Illustrators We Love


Five Vancouver illustrators we love, an article by ZAK featuring inspiring illustrators and artists in Vancouver.

In today’s ever changing world, a brand’s unique identity is essential, and one way to achieve this is through illustration. By conveying messages and personality without words, it’s a valuable tool that we, as a creative agency in Vancouver, like to incorporate into our work. As we keep a close eye on the creative talent in the city, we’re thrilled to see the growing community of talented illustrators. From realistic and painterly styles to whimsical and intriguing designs, we’re excited to showcase 5 of our favourite illustrators in Vancouver.

Genice Chan

Genice Chan is an illustrator whose work exudes a cartoony, anime influenced vibe. She’s worked on some amazing projects, ranging from Twitch videos for Pokimane at Giant Ant to the 2021 Vancouver Writers fest with us!

Her use of colour is always so good, and her strong visual development skills are evident in her strong compositions and use of space within her work.

Website / Instagram

Rafael Mayani

Rafael Mayani is an amazing illustrator, as well as associate creative director at Giant Ant, one of the premiere animation houses out there.

Rafael’s style is characterized by vibrant colors, bold lines, and a strong sense of movement and dynamism. His work often features a strong use of perspective, stylized human forms, and scale which is iconic to his style. He has a keen eye for detail and a unique ability to convey emotion and personality through all the work he does.

Website / Instagram

Hanna Lee Joshi

Hanna Lee Joshi is a Korean-Canadian artist from Vancouver, who we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for the 2021 Vancouver Writers Fest campaign. 

Her work features the use of organic, flowing shapes and gradients which results in a beautiful, whimsical feeling. The female form is usually present within her work, which often explores themes of identity and individuality. Hanna Lee Joshi is one of our absolute favourites in the city, and we’re sure you can see why.

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Benjamin T. Stone

Benjamin T. Stone is a designer and illustrator based in Vancouver, who collaborated with us on the 2022 Vancouver Writers Fest campaign.

His illustrations are highly editorial, using more muted, natural tones and often depicting humans in emotive ways. His range is spectacular, and the ability to tell a full story through smaller nuances in his work is something we really admire.

Website / Instagram

Spencer Pidgeon

Spencer Pidgeon is a designer and illustrator who’s work bleeds personality and character. Colourful and with a hand-drawn feeling, Spencer’s work communicates through humour and play.

The fact that he’s also a designer is evident in the way he presents his illustrations, as well as the way he integrates illustration into his work. One to watch for sure, we’d love to work with Spencer one of these days.

Website / Instagram

Arvin Paelmo

Ok ok, this one is a bit of a gimme but real recognizes real. Arvin, one of the co-founders here at ZAK and operating art director is an extremely talented illustrator. He can cover a range of styles, has an inherently artistic eye, and drives a lot of the illustrated work we do here.