East 29th

What We Did

Photography: Velour Productions

East 29th is a Canadian skincare brand founded with the vision of combining skincare with self-care, and building a movement that embodies being softer both inside and out. East 29th is creating solutions that go beyond clearing your skin; they focus on the union of elements (body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations) that they call ‘self’ so that you can embody our essence – natural confidence.

East 29th’s founder approached us with nothing but a serum and a story. In turn, we worked to understand their vision and ideals for a world where everyone can feel their best, natural self, and created a brand identity to capture their specific tone of voice.

We developed a brand identity that is intentionally elegant yet playful, emphasizing their name which holds a personal significance, and integrating a palette that feels natural and hints at the ever-present lemon rind as a core ingredient in all of their products. We also developed packaging design for their flagship product – the Vital Serum.